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Real Testimonials

"When it comes to real life really have a way of putting it on the table.
I could see us as neighbors talking across the fence like Wilson

Phillip A. Duncan - Philadelphia, Pa

"I can always count on Roz McCoy for a laugh or a giggle. I love the way she views life. Being able to find the humor in everything is a rare trait. "

Gwendolyn Wigfall-Crosby - Linden, NJ

"You are Wonderful. .....keep blessing people making them smile and laugh. when do I get paid?"

Forrest Hunter - Chicago Il

"HILARIOUS, "FALLING ON THE FLOOR," LAUGHING YOUR A** OFF!!!! Make sure you see her show & don't forget to get some selfies with her after the gig......she loves that.  U rock Mz. Roz McCoy "

Dina Hildago -  Pompano Beach, Florida

"Sharp-dressed and sharp-tongued! We loved that you included your audience into your performance, and we got a picture with you to boot! Love that you are willing and ready to make fun of EVERY thing and body."

Christi Parker -Corpus Christi, Tx

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