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About Roz -The Full Story

Take the 7th Ward of Nawlins, cut it with the the Northside of Jacksonville, Flawda,  then season THAT with the New-nited States Navy,  and you've got the spicy dish that is Roz McCoy.

Roz’s comedy career began in 1994, while on active duty in the United States Navy. Her shipmates entered her in a comedy contest without her knowledge. With absolutely no prior experience, she took third place, and was strongly encouraged by the other comics to continue performing. Upon her retirement from theUnited States Navy in 2006, she decided to take on comedy full time.  She has been featured on America's Funniest Videos, Tru TV's Greatest Performer Ever, Right This Minute and Maury

The charming but sassy native New Orleanian has performed at a variety of venues throughout the world, including Cozzy’s Comedy Club (Newport News, Va), Comedy Zones  Worldwide, Naval Base Rota Spain, The Laugh Factory (Chicago, IL)  Winner's Circle (Lakeland Fl)  and the world famous Apollo Theatre in New York. 

Roz currently resides in Northeast Florida.

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