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From comedy clubs and corporate events, to private parties and fundraisers, Roz McCoy will have your audience falling out laughing!

Comedy Clubs


I'm professional and courteous to club staff and audiences.


I can tailor my set to fit the demographics of any audience. Meaning, I know when to keep it PG, and when I can cuss like the sailor that I am.


I stay away from politics; too polarizing. I want people to feel good  when they leave my show.

I dress for success. You'll NEVER  see me walk out on anybody's stage looking like I just plowed  70 acres.





I was a proud participant in the following fundraisers:


Savannah Rape Crisis Center fundraiser, 2012 and 2013


North Forida Breast Cancer Awareness/Pink Ribbon Symposium Keynote Speaker - 2013


Organized and performed in several Breast Cancer Awarness Fundraisers ("Haha's for Tatas.")


Proudly performed for the Lady Devils Uniform Fundraiser in Zanesville, Ohio.


Christian Women's Uplift and Outreach Keynote Speaker - Jacksonville, Fl  - Feb 2018








Corporate Events


Since I'm a veteran, I know  first hand how delighted military personnel are when someone takes time to come out to entertain us. I have been blessed to perform at several  military bases around the world, Including  Naval Station Rota Spain, USS John F Kennedy, USS Santa Barbara, USS Kearsarge,  Naval Station Nofolk VA, and Recruit Training Command, Great Lakes, IL.


Are you a boss? Do you appreciate your employees?  Show them by giving them dinner and a show, like TMMR Military Moving services did. Everyone enjoyed their dinner, and bonus checks, but the real hit of the evening was the comedian.
(This is MY lie, and I'll tell it like I want to.)





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